Where to trade in your iPad 2?

When the time to upgrade arrives, many people will just automatically try to sell iPad 2 and other electronic devices for cash. It’s a good decision, no doubt, because the prices of electronic good depreciate by 5% to 6% every month, so the faster you sell, the better it is.


However, many increasingly believe that trade-ins actually offer the best deal for sellers. Since sellers will usually buy a new device and make a subscription after selling their device, dealers are able to offer a better deal to them. Frequently, trade-in deals will surpass the amount sellers receive from cash sales. If you need some recommendations on the best trade-in options in the UK, check out the list below.



• Apple Reuse and Recycling programme


Launched in UK in 2013, Apple’s Reuse and Recycling programme is considered the blue chip destination for Apple loyalists. Yes, you can get better trade in deals at other locations, but you can never find the peace of mind you get when doing business here. In addition, the level of service and support is superb – some people are willing to pay a premium for this. The programme accepts all types of Apple products in any condition – even dead and broken ones.


Also, Apple is willing to help to dispose or recycle products made by other companies for free.


• mResell


Managed by the same people behind UK’s Macworld, mResell accepts all types of Apple trade-ins. They are not large, but they are very professionally run and offer competitive prices. In addition, all refurbished products sold by mResell receive up to 12 months warranty.




Envirofone probably offers the best trade in prices in UK if you accept payment using Envirocash, which can be used on their online shop. The company, which adheres to an environmentally-friend business principle, is a fully online ecommerce firm.


• O2 Recycle


O2 arguably has the easiest trade-in process among any company in the UK. You can get an estimate of your tablet or phone price in seconds, you don’t have to pay for postage when sending your device to them, and you get paid the same day they receive your device. Their management team should really get an award or two for the level of efficient of O2 Recycle.


• CeX


Sometimes, you want to see and feel things before you buy them. It’s a good thing then that CeX is around. You can complete half of the deal online (the trade in part), and then use the cash or store credit to buy a new device in person at any of the 350 CeX stores in the country.