When should I sell my iPad Mini?

Depreciation rate is not just a scheme concocted by accountants to help their clients pay less tax to tax authorities. It is a reflection of the reduction in the perceived and stated value of an asset over a given period. Depreciation is particularly important when it comes to electronic devices, since technological innovations tend to render products obsolete much quicker than, say, lawn furniture or mattress. Most agree that tablets like iPads have an effective shelf life of about two years before the value plummets into basic raw material value.


This is why customers should get into the habit of regularly upgrading their electronic devices every few years to ensure they can recoup a portion of their investment. So, if you own an iPad, iPad 2 or even an iPad 3, it’s well past time to sell iPad Mini for an upgrade.


Beyond natural depreciation, there are several other factors which could influence the perceived value of iPads. If you are planning to sell an iPad anytime soon, you should probably read on.



• New Product Launches


The value of any iPad models tend to dip furiously in the six-week period before and after a product launch. Estimates vary, but you can expect a price drop of between 10% and 25% during the period. So try not to sell your iPad during this period. You might consider doing a trade-in though if the offer prices are holding steady.


Profession sellers or refurbished iPad dealers usually time their big sales push about three months before a product launch. This allows them to take advantage of increase product profile, while still keeping a safe distance away from the price dip period.


• Festive Period


Prices for brand new electronic products usually drop in the months and weeks leading to a festive period. However, it’s actually the reverse for used or refurbished products. Demand and prices actually go up for used iPads the closer we get to Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even Halloween!


• January and February


January and February are traditionally the worst months for electronics as demands slump and price drops. This is the worst time to sell your iPad.


The second worst period is actually during the summer months. We suppose people are more focused on spending time outdoors, and saving their money for the festive period shopping spree.