Avoid Online Scams When Selling Your Used iPad

People are increasingly using the internet as a sales medium owing to the convenience. However, that same convenience can also be abused by criminals to defraud ordinary folks out of their devices and money. If you’re thinking to ‘sell my tablet’, then you should probably read out the four tips below which will help you avoid getting scammed online.



1. Conduct deals onsite


When using online marketplaces such as PayPal and Amazon, it is important to conduct all communications inside the platform. Any attempt to communicate directly with you using email address (or worse, social media accounts), should be deftly redirected back to the platform. By keeping all your communication onsite, the site’s administrators will be able access all messages in the event of a dispute. If you discuss the terms of the deal externally, the administrator will not be able to protect you – which is why scammers frequently will initiate contact externally.


2. Verify payment before shipping


Emails are really easy to spoof. How many times have you read or heard about people being defrauded or phished using spoofed emails? Scammers will usually send authentic looking spoofed emails about payment confirmations. Even if the email appears genuine, never ship the product before confirming receipt of payment directly in your account (either on the marketplace,  payment processor like PayPal, or bank account). Also, do not click any links on email. Instead type directly into the address bar or use your bookmark to login to your account


3. Avoid shipping products to buyers who overpay


This is a common tactic among scammers – overpay for a product to appeal to the greed inside of us and consequently, let our guard down. A few would even weave fantastical tales about buying the product for their company and sharing/splitting the overpaid amount with you.


Logically, no one would overpay for a product - unless of course, they are using a hacked PayPal, credit card or bank account. So if you customer overpays for a product, report it to the site administrator and cancel the deal. Obviously, you don’t have to do that if the amount is just a few cents. Online currency conversion can sometimes lead to this.


4. Get proof of delivery


If you do not have any proof of delivery, buyers can easily claim the item was not delivered and demand a refund. So, if you are sending the product by mail, please use the registered version. If possible, use a courier – their tracking number can be accessed and verified by anyone easily.


If you are making a personal delivery, write and print out a receipt acknowledgement and get the buyer to sign it. You can even ask a friend to record the exchange using a phone. Use technology in your favour.