Photo-Physiology Phenotyping Workshop

16-17 December 2013
University Of Essex

Workshop flyer

The School of Biological Sciences at The University of Essex will be hosting a workshop on Photo-Physiology Phenotyping. The aim of the meeting is to look at phenotyping approaches and particularly those that screen or select based on physiology as well as focusing on approaches that have potential field application. The workshop is organised within the UK Plant Phenomics Network.

Confirmed Speakers.
Miguel Costa – Technical University of Lisbon
John Doonan – Aberystwyth University
Bernard Genty – CEA Cadarache
Jeremy Harbinson – Wageningen UR
Giles Johnson – University of Manchester
David Kramer – Michigan State University
Tracy Lawson – University of Essex
Erik Murchie – University of Nottingham
José Luis Araus Ortega – University of Barcelona
Radoslaw Pajor – University of Nottingham.
Roland Pieruschka – Jülich
Christophe Salon – INRA, Dijon

The event will also include:
• Equipment demonstrations from key manufacturers.
• Discussion sessions : Lab to Field Phenotyping.

To register contact:
Dr T. Lawson (
Dr R. Webster (

Supported by:
Aberystwyth University
European Plant Phenotyping Network
University of Essex
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