Workshop on 3D active close proximity hyperspectral imaging of crops

University of Sheffield
12-13 September 2016

Workshop poster

This workshop aims to bring together researchers from the plant & crop science, phenotyping and engineering communities, to develop ideas for a low-cost, 3D, active, close-proximity hyperspectral imaging unit.

The outputs from the meeting will include a prioritised wishlist for a low-cost imaging unit and defined partner groups for future proposals.

Early career researchers and PhD students are particularly encouraged to attend.

More information and registration for this event.

This event is supported by the UK Plant Phenomics Network.

Organisers: Bruce Grieve (University of Manchester)

Plant Canopy Phenotyping Meeting, Rothamsted Research, 26 July

Plant Canopy Phenotyping Meeting

Tuesday 26th July, Rothamsted Research

Keynote Speaker: Jacques Le Gouis (INRA, Clermont Ferrand)

This UKPPN meeting will feature talks on the development and use of image-based plant/crop canopy and plant architecture phenotyping technologies for field and controlled environments including:

  • New technologies and methods development or evaluation – particularly interested in cross-scale/platform comparisons
  • Applications that demonstrate the value of new methods/instruments/platforms to plant and crop sciences & crop improvement
  • Related technology developments which might be in image analysis, informatics, data standards etc…

To register, visit the meeting Eventbrite page.

For more information about the meeting, including the programme, visit the meeting website.


Phenotyping for photosynthesis and productivity, University of Essex, 4-6 August 2016

Phenotyping for photosynthesis and productivity

University of Essex, 4 – 6 August 2016

This two-day conference, supported by UKPPN, is a satellite meeting to the 17th Photosynthesis Congress, and will address recent advances in phenotyping of plant canopies and algae.


  • Emerging technologies
  • Phenotyping in a dynamic environment
  • Improving productivity case studies
  • Principles and applications

Confirmed speakers:

  • Professor David Kramer, Michigan State University
  • Professor Malcolm Hawkesford, Rothamsted
  • Professor Robert Furbank, ARC Centre of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis
  • Professor Jose Luis Araus, University of Barcelona

For more information and to register, please visit the meeting website.

UKPPN Annual Meeting 8 April 2016

The Annual Meeting of the UK Plant Phenomics Network will take place 13:00-16:00 on Friday 8th April, at the Sutton Bonington campus of the University of Nottingham. (This meeting follows directly after the UKPPN root phenotyping workshop).

This meeting will comprise:

  • an update on UKPPN activities from the UKPPN Chair, John Doonan
  • Invited talks on the theme of field phenotyping from:
    • Roger Sylvester-Bradley (ADAS)
    • François Tardieu (INRA LEPSE Montpellier)
      Building a national project in a European context, the case study of Phenome-FPPN
    • David Ertl (Iowa Corn Promotion Board)
      Genomes To Fields: A multi-environment maize phenotyping network
  • Discussion on UK phenotyping needs

The programme (updated 6 April) is available here

Registration is closed.

A buffet lunch will be available from 12:00 if required. If you have already registered for the root phenotyping meeting and indicated that you are staying on for this meeting, there is no need to register again.

More information and registration for the root phenotyping workshop.



UKPPN Root Phenotyping Workshop, 7-8 April 2016

A root phenotyping-themed UKPPN workshop took place 7-8 April 2016 at the Sutton Bonington Campus of the University of Nottingham.

Geraint Parry wrote a great blog post reviewing this workshop over at the GARNet Community Blog.

A Storify of the tweets from this workshop is also available.

This will be followed by the UKPPN Annual Meeting 13:00-16:00 at the same venue.

Session themes include:

  • Field Phenotyping
  • CE-based Techniques
  • Root Anatomical Traits
  • Root Modelling

Speakers include:

  • Malcolm Bennett (Nott)
  • Jonathan Lynch (Penn)
  • Johannes Postma (Jülich)
  • Adam Price (Aberdeen)
  • Michelle Watts (Jülich)
  • Richard Whalley (RRes)

Programme (updated 6 April)

Registration (updated 15:28, 17 Feb): all places at this meeting are now filled – sorry!

Template for abstracts – please use this word doc template, and save as pdf for uploading when registering.

If you have any questions, please contact Susie Lydon (

Workshop – Advances and Challenges of Phenotyping Biotic and Abiotic Stress: From Lab to Field

12th – 13th January 2015

University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield will be hosting a workshop on ‘Advances and Challenges of Phenotyping Biotic and Abiotic stress’. The aim of the meeting is to bring together scientists from different disciplines to discuss phenotyping technologies and approaches for use in the laboratory and under field conditions to further our understanding of the biology of biotic and abiotic stress in plants. The workshop will consist of a series of talks and discussion sessions. There will also be displays from some of the suppliers of lab and field-based phenotyping equipment.

The workshop will start with registration and a buffet lunch at 12.00 noon on Monday 12th January and finish with lunch on Tuesday 13th January 2015. A dinner and reception will be held on Monday evening.

*The UKPPN is offering five travel bursaries (£50) for students who wish to give a presentation or poster at the meeting.*

Deadline for registration is Monday 15th December 2014.

For further details, and to register, please visit the workshop website.


Photo-Physiology Phenotyping Workshop

16-17 December 2013
University Of Essex

Workshop flyer

The School of Biological Sciences at The University of Essex will be hosting a workshop on Photo-Physiology Phenotyping. The aim of the meeting is to look at phenotyping approaches and particularly those that screen or select based on physiology as well as focusing on approaches that have potential field application. The workshop is organised within the UK Plant Phenomics Network.

Confirmed Speakers.
Miguel Costa – Technical University of Lisbon
John Doonan – Aberystwyth University
Bernard Genty – CEA Cadarache
Jeremy Harbinson – Wageningen UR
Giles Johnson – University of Manchester
David Kramer – Michigan State University
Tracy Lawson – University of Essex
Erik Murchie – University of Nottingham
José Luis Araus Ortega – University of Barcelona
Radoslaw Pajor – University of Nottingham.
Roland Pieruschka – Jülich
Christophe Salon – INRA, Dijon

The event will also include:
• Equipment demonstrations from key manufacturers.
• Discussion sessions : Lab to Field Phenotyping.

To register contact:
Dr T. Lawson (
Dr R. Webster (

Supported by:
Aberystwyth University
European Plant Phenotyping Network
University of Essex
ABSTRESS: Improving the resistance of legume crops to combined Abiotic and Biotic Stress

Image Analysis Methods in the Plant Sciences – Second International Workshop

The Centre for Plant Integrative Biology at the University of Nottingham will be hosting the Second International Workshop on Image Analysis Methods in the Plant Sciences 2-3 September 2013.

Topics covered include:

  • Plant science-based image analysis techniques from laboratory to field environments and subcellular to whole plant scales. This includes but is not limited to: 3D reconstruction; image segmentation; modelling motion; modelling growth; shape analysis & classification; colour analysis
  • User interaction and software tools for plant scientists
  • The image analysis-biology pipeline (Imaging and *-omics)
  • Novel and emerging plant imaging techniques
  • Biological challenges for plant image analysis

Keynote speaker: Jason Swedlow (University of Dundee)

For more information, to register and to submit an abstract, please visit:

Deadline for submissions and registration: 26 July

Organisers: Tony Pridmore (University of Nottingham), Andy French (University of Nottingham) and Hannah Dee (Aberystwyth University)

Contact: Susie Lydon, CPIB Outreach Officer,

UK Plant Phenomics Network meeting – 15 April 2013

The next meeting of the UK Plant Phenomics Network will take place on the afternoon of Monday 15th April 2013 at the University of Dundee, as a satellite meeting to the annual conference of the UK Plant Sciences Federation 16-17 April.

The venue for the meeting is the Dalhousie Building (14 on University of Dundee campus map)

Final programme (uploaded 4 April)

Registration is now closed – but locals are still very welcome to attend the talks.

This follows on from the meeting last year in Rothamsted and will cover phenotyping across different scales, from cellular processes in individual plants through crop phenotyping to landscape and even whole ecosystem surveying.  The aims of the workshop are to encourage interactions between plant scientists interested in plant phenotyping and with scientists from other disciplines (such as computer science and engineering), to encourage the uptake of new technologies, and to develop commonly acceptable standards for data collection and integration with other “omic’s” style technologies.

The meeting will start with lunch at 12:00 (first talk at 13:00) and run until 17:30.

For more information on local accommodation etc visit the Plantsci 2013 delegate info page